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You sighed at the rain, storming through the city, undeniably furious at the other countries.

Their sheer stupidity made you tremble. But this world meeting had been especially vexing. The constantly bickering nations of England and France had given you a headache while the profuse swearing of Lovino Vargas had filled your ears.

And of course as you began to walk home, the sky had grown dark and spewed out several oceans worth of water on you.

As you hurriedly rushed through the streets, the loud sound of crying seemed to mix in with the sound of pounding raindrops.

You halted before the alley where the crying came from, pursing you lips and squinting your eyes. Of course you were wary, after all, it was rather late at night and the city around you was relatively free of man made sounds.

You sharply inhaled before you silently slipped into the wide alley.

"Hello?" You yelled above the sound of roaring thunder and crackling thunder. Who the hell would be stupid enough to be staying out here at this time? Strangely, the sobbing came to an abrupt halt as you slowly inched closer, holding your rebellious (h/c) locks out of your face.

As you inched closer, you made out the silhouette of a hunched over figure in the doorframe of the back to some store. "Go avay!" The voice snarled, though it shook with choked back sobs. You froze in your steps. You recognised that voice. That bold German-accented voice.

It was Gilbert Beilshmidt.

But what the hell was he doing here?

'Gilbert?' You questioned. Of course you could be mistaking the tone for Gilbert's baby brother, the personification of Germany, Ludwig...No. You were quite sure this was Gilbert.

Unfortunately for you, you had fallen head over heels for the wily, obnoxious Prussian man and it had stayed that way for nearly a whole year. You hated to see him this way. You desperately yearned to comfort him, but you were terrified of slipping up and driving him away from you.

You wanted to help him, but you did not know how. And it killed.

'(Y-y/n)?' Gilbert wept your name and the sound of his broken voice shattered your heart.

'Yeah, Gil,' You returned gently. 'It's me. What's wrong?!'

In the midst of talking to him and reminiscing about him, you had come closer and crouched before him. You were inches away from him, and with the help of overhead streets lanterns, you managed to make out the albino's bright crimson orbs shining with tears.

He was curled against the door, clothed in only his dark blue military uniform, his Iron Cross necklace glinting against his neck.

'Gil–' you murmured. You had never seen the Prussian man like this before. Again, Gilbert burst into tears and buried his face in his arms.

'Oh, Fräulein,' he wept loudly. 'I feel so lonely!' After another burst of ears, you immediately pulled yourself onto your knees on the wet pavement.

'I am nothing!' He sobbed. 'I am useless!' You lacked the knowledge of what he was talking about, but you listened to his rant nonetheless.

'All zhe other countries have forgotten about me! Even mein bruder has forgotten. He loves zhat crybaby Italian more than me!' His voice shook, but he took ahold of his emotions and said, 'I'm sorry, (y/n). I do not want you to see me like zhis.'

He forcefully turned from you, but you protested instantly by reaching out and grabbing his quaking hands with your own.

'Gil, please stop! You are not useless. You are awesome! You are awesome and you know it! You say it everyday, after all!'

'You really zhink I mean zhat?'

'If you don't you should. Because it is true! And Ludwig does not love Feli more than you! You are his brother, Gil! He could never love anyone more than you!' Again, he choked back a sob, but he never responded.

You sighed and squeezed his hands harder. Without saying another word, you enveloped his trembling body in a hug and nuzzled your nose into his neck, which you gently kissed.

You instantly felt the man stiffen, and you immediately cursed yourself. Oh my god (y/n)! Why did you do that you idiot, you thought.

Against your hair you felt Gilbert's brush your neck as he whispered, 'Everyone has forgotten me! Even mein bruder...'

You pulled away to look him in the eye, your fingers still entwined with his.

'That is not true!' You protested. 'What about me, huh? I have not forgotten about you!' You gazed deeply into his crimson irises, which were glazed over with a look of pain and hopelessness.

'And like I said. So does your brother. Even if you don't think he does.' Gilbert scowled deeply.

'He refuses to even say he loves me anymore.' Anger began to flash through you. Anger at Ludwig for not showing Gilbert the brotherly affection he deserved. Anger at the world for not appreciating the man who was curled up in front of you.

Again, you wrapped him in a hug, but this time, he coiled his arms around your waist in response and buried his face in your soaking hair.

'If nobody else vill say zhey love me...will you?' Gilbert finally asked, squeezing you tightly. For a painful moment, you hesitated. Then you pulled away from his arms and gazed admiringly into his eyes, placing your hands gingerly on his pale, rain-soaked cheeks.

'Y-yeah, Gil. I will.'

Gently, you stroked his cheek and smiled at him, pulling his face closer. Tenderly you kissed him, letting you mouth fit with his. At first the Prussian man seemed stunned, but he rapidly gathered his senses and allowed himself to melt into the kiss.

Soon enough he grew comfortable with you and snaked his hands around your waist, pulling you closer. When finally you came up for air you said to him, 'Ich liebe dich, Gil.'

He grinned wildly. 'Ich liebe dich auch, meine schöner.'  

Then, pulling a strange face, he pulled his head away and sneezed. You frowned. 'Great job, Gil! You managed to get yourself sick. Well done!'

'Shut up,' he grumbled into your hair. 'I'm too awesome to get sick.' You sighed and gently kissed his ear. This was the awesome Gilbert Beilshmidt you knew.

'C'mon,' you said. 'Let's get you home.'


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